Remembering Deceased Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day


Although I am certain you will find the thoughts, actions or words to remember those who have passed away at your ceremony, here are a few ways couples have done so in past ceremonies to get you started with some ideas. You are, of course, welcome to use any of these ideas as they are, or modify and adapt them in any way to meet your desires. Phrases of a different color could optionally be omitted and the "tribute" would still make sense. In addition to, or in place of,  a "remembrance" passage during the ceremony, some additional ways of remembering loved ones can be found at the links at the bottom of this page.

(As part of the welcome)

1. Brian and Jean Marie would like to thank each one of you for sharing this happiest of days with them. They would also like to acknowledge those who are here in spirit today, especially grandparents Helen and Vincent Sorbaro, and great aunt Betty McNelly, whose love and support will be felt by Brian and Jean Marie always.

2. Janet and Brad are pleased that so many family and friends have come to witness their exchange of wedding vows. Each one of you have been important in their lives, and they look forward to your love and support in the future as they begin life as husband and wife. Janet and Brad also wish to pay tribute to family members and friends who are no longer with us physically, but whose gifts of love and compassion over the years will always be cherished and remembered. We are certain they are here today in spirit. In their memory, let us be silent together. (moment of silence) Thank you.

3. This event is shared, if in a different way, by those who have passed beyond this life. Their roles in the lives of Steve and Tina are gratefully remembered and honored as we witness this joyous event. Join with us, then, in fond memory of all these people, and in particular Jane Groomsmom, and Bob and Mary Tootsiesfolks. In their memory, let us be silent together. (moment of silence……..Thank you.)


Here are some web sites that discuss, in different ways, "remembering" those who have passed . The remembrance can be done in and outside of the actual ceremony.